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Atomica is made of exceptional people organized in highly-empowered small teams doing extraordinary work.

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Engineering & Technology

We believe innovation is good for the world, so we create technologies that transform lives. Help us build some of the most powerful technology in the world.

Sales, Services & Support

We build tools and expertise to help our business grow smarter, faster and more efficiently. We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our partners and customers.

Marketing & Communications

We ensure users are receiving the best experience with our products and solutions. We help the world understand our product features, benefits, customer success stories and more.


We design and create beautiful user experiences to engage, connect and transact with customers. Our applications help make our business more agile, flexible and efficient.

Business Strategy

We predict and plan for the business with our analytics. Understand what's happening in the present to predict the impact of our decisions on future outcomes, creating more value for the business and customers.


We identify, analyze and implement solutions that increase profitability, manage budgeting and forecasting/cash flow activities for the business to grow globally.


We help Atomica achieve and maintain its vision to be the world's best place to work by continually identifying and developing the talent who will make our company stronger.