World-class Teams

Our greatest perk is working with exceptional colleagues. You will be part of a world-class team in which all of your colleagues are extraordinary at what they do and highly effective at working together. You’ll be surrounded by a culture of possibility, where ideas ripple out and have a positive impact on customers and communities everywhere.

Challenging Problems

At Atomica, you will use the technologies of tomorrow to tackle the real-world problems of today. We love going after the big problems and seizing the opportunities that come with challenging work. We don’t set limits based on what others think is possible or impossible. We inspire each other to push boundaries and achieve ambitious goals.

Meaningful Work

We know what we do impacts real, living human beings with families and loved ones, and it drives every one of us to improve and perfect our craft. We’re committed to advancing science and benefiting humanity, and we put our passion and drive behind achieving it knowing it’s a privilege to work on world-changing technology that can make an impact on the world around us.

Why Join Atomica?

Exceptional Colleagues and Hard Problems

By joining Atomica, you are joining a group of exceptional people with outstanding capabilities tackling challenges in Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, computer graphics, cloud computing, robotics, and many more, all while maintaining the highest quality and safety measures for our users.

Our World is Full of Possibilities

There are countless reasons why we provide a better work environment than the rest, but here’s a glimpse of why We’re Different.

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A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and hard Impactful problems.

Live the luxury of productive freedom

Life at Atomica AI

Experience the Culture

Atomica AI is united by a unique operating culture. We dream big, take risks, and learn from our mistakes. Craftsmanship is our passion, and seeking excellence is in our DNA. There are no org charts the project is the boss.

Work Anywhere

We can’t build products that will help the entire humanity from one city alone. Atomica is a global company, with a worldwide team of employees who choose where they work best. It’s all part of our Virtual First approach to work.

Unlimited Benefits

We believe in supporting happy and healthy teams. As a valued team member, your benefits extend far beyond your salary. Learn more about the benefit and perks.

Why I love Atomica

Not only is Atomica pioneering digital dentistry all over the globe, but also it has an amazing culture of cooperation and productivity.

Aya NasserPeople and Culture Associate

Atomica is different because it creates smart solutions for dentists like myself and improving the way digital dentistry is perceived all over the world.

Mina MagedDentist

Atomica is different because it empowers dentistry through the combination of data, computer and dentistry to get the best and fastest path towards patient care.

Omar HamdyProduct Owner

Atomica is Family and the hybrid work environment over here is compelling and has been proven way more productive and enjoyable than traditional ones.

Ahmed ShafiqDeveloper

Atomica's unprecedented solutions are evolutionary because of how reliable and accurate it is in surgeries and dental procedures in favor of using AI and ML in the process.

Abeer AlgibalyHR Manager

Atomica works on a very challenging part in the medical industry globally that attracts those who aim to learn, develop and become industry leaders in the computer vision fields and so many more areas in Atomica.

Khaled FadelTeam Leader

The diversity of work fields within Atomica is very unique and unlike other places, we choose which area to experience and be part of periodically and always be up to date with the vision and methodology of the company in the future wich makes you love being an Atomican.

Eslam OmarSoftware Engineer

I've gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the technology Atomica developed over the years and still working on and the way the dentistry market adapts revolutionary solutions that serve patients and dentistry professionals alike.

Amir ElshaterMarketing Manager
Innovate. Grow. Deliver.

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